Donate to the Ministry


Haitian Chrisitan Ministries is supported by churches across the United States, as well as individual donors and participants in our child sponsorship program.  By supporting Haitian Christian Ministries you are making an investment in eternity and the most of your mission dollars. Without the generosity of our current and future partners the incredible work of HCM would be possible. HCM is established, well managed, and consciouencess of the need for complete financial transparency and integrity with God's resources. There are three distinct ways to get involved today!



Child Sponsorship


For $30 per month you can sponsor a child at the Pillatre School. This sponsorship is unique in that many sponsor families get to travel and meet their child and form an authentic relationship with his or her family. To learn more click here.  We are in need of at least 150 new student sponsorships to be started by June of 2016.  We currently subsidize the scheool and feeding proigram from the General Fund Budget.  By realizing 150 more new sponsorships, general fund dollars can be used to improve the school and church facilities.  We have approximately 73% of all students sponsored leaving more than 35o students to be sponsored.  Our first goal of 150 students is just the beginning.  Please consider helping with this most urgent need.


General Fund Donations


Donations made to the HCM general fund allow HCM to designate their use based on the current need and ministry plan. These gifts are greatly appreciated because they allow Prisca Laguerre, The Field Director and the Board flexibility to respond to both needs and opportunities as they arise and God provides.


Designated Project Giving


You have the opportunity to give directly to a specific project that aligns with your passion. The following are specific projects that you can give towards today:



Estimated Cost


Ministry Impact





Sponsor a Classroom Roof



The classrooom roofs at Pillatre are beginning to leak and need to be replaced. You can sponsor the cost of replacing one of them (price reflects cost for one classroom).  We have 10 classrooms that need new roofs.





Sponsor a new Church Plant



You can sponsor the training and sending of a new HCM church planter.









Fresh Water Wells



As Haitian Christian Ministries continues to plan new churches, each church plant will need to have a fresh water well dug on the new church property.  The wells are the actual starting point for the future church plants.